Keep Rclone Mount after reboot

This is what I have: Seedbox, Rclone & Rclone Browser, RuTorrent and Gdrive.

I was successful in mounting my GDrive with a folder on my Seedbox. RuTorrent downloaded to a folder on Seedbox which in turn uploaded it to GDrive. I restarted my Seedbox and now my Rclone Mounts are gone.

How do I keep my mounts after I restart the Seedbox server?

Edit your crontab (vim/nano doesn’t matter). If you don’t have sudo. ‘crontab -e’ works for me
@reboot mountsettingshere

Sometimes you need & at the end too

Should the crontab be blank?

Nevermind I did “sudo nano crontab -e” and nothing was there. It was like a new file…But I did “crontab -e” and I think I am in the file to edit.

There is nothing except “# Edit this file to introduce tasks to be run by cron”…There is some other text too.


So you can add

@reboot rclone mount settings —gohere —andhere —endwith &

This does not always work with every setting. And it’s not perfect as it doesn’t unmount for any issues before mounting. So it’s not a fail safe.

It is best to have a setting for unmounting at restart then mounting back.

@Animosity022 has great settings to run

I did the mounting via Rclone Browser which was easier. I tried it in Rclone but needed 2 arguments.

I am a little confused on “@reboot rclone mount settings —gohere —andhere —endwith &”

Is “gohere” and “andhere” pointing to the path “remote:path/to/files /path/to/local/mount”? or is it just a generic command?

Sorry I am new to the Rclone commands and editing files with commands.

I am taking a look animosity022

Hahaha no. It’s literally your whole mounting command.

So it’s @reboot everythingthatyounromallytypetomakeamount

Ok thanks for your help!!!