Keep a local copy and auto sync

I am using rclone on Pop! OS, all my files are backed on OneDrive and it's working fine most of the time, but it takes ages to open files, and I can't do anything without an Internet connection. I currently use

rclone --vfs-cache-mode writes mount \"onedrive\": ~/OneDrive

as startup.

I'd like to have both an automatic sync (from my computer to the cloud is enough) and a copy on my computer, but I am completely lost in the doc : should I use mount, copy, sync, a combination of them, another one?

PS: my problem is fairly the same as an older post ("Save a local copy from selected folder on pc") but the discussion is closed and the answer didn't help me...

Thanks in advance

hello and welcome to the forum,

if you want to have automatic sync, then use rclone sync onedrive: /path/to/local/folder

Just to be sure : in the doc it's written that it'll change the destination only (so my computer). Does it still synchronise my work? It sounds obvious but I'm very confused...

sure, it can be confusing and sync can be dangerous as it will delete files in the dest.

note: you can test most any rclone command safely by using --dry-run

after you run rclone sync - the dest will match the source.

the source can be local or cloud.
the dest can be local or cloud.

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