Just wanted to say "thanks"

I just wanted to say "thank you" to all the rclone developers. I was in a bit of a pickle with my NAS, and needed a way to back up all of my data so I could wipe it and re-provision. The data contains personal files, so data and filename encryption were important, and Google Cloud Storage fit the bill for storage availability and cost.

Within 10 minutes I had everything set up and a sync under way. It was really impressive how trivial it was to chain a GCS config with a crypto config and let loose, and how performant, powerful, and simple the tool is.

Anyways, you probably get this all the time, but thanks for taking the time to make my life a bit better.


You are welcome :slight_smile:

Always nice to get notes of appreciation!

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@ncw you guys are awesome!

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I completely agree that the work @ncw and the contributors are doing is awesome.
Show him the love by buying flowers for his wife. Happy Wife, Happy Life.


We have the govt shut down coming up; but will after :smiley:

I want to say thanks too. And I will share a story that happened about 6 months ago.

I get my mom banging on my bedroom door around 5AM. I don’t live with her but she has a key to my apartment. She is 65 years old and even with using uBlock Origin and FireFox she still manages to get into tons of computer problems. So she is in tears because all her stuff is encrypted and they want bitcoin. She doesn’t know what this means.

And she actually uses her computer to make money. She is computer illiterate but is amazing at Photoshop. So we are talking food money lost if what she had can’t be recovered.

I explain what happened and she just wants to pay. I say no.

Because I have rclone back up her computer every night to my google drive account she only lost about a days worth of work. I did reinstall Windows for her and pull everything back down again. But you saved my moms bacon so thank you.


One more big thanks to NCW! Moving to Backblaze B2 and heard good things about rclone from reddit. Tried the vanilla 1.39 and saw poor performance and chunking errors being thrown. Found bug reported by others on issues, and the latest beta is working smoothly. You and the community are awesome!

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