Just a big thank you!

I work at a biotech that produces an extremely large amount of data.

Ive personally used rclone to migrate 3+ Petabytes into various cloud providers.

No other tool ive used has been able to match the speed and ease that rclone provides.

We have implemented rclone in a number of the programs weve written and its been a dream.

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the hard workers that made rclone such an incredible tool.


Yes, the same for qnap. All of their shitty cloud tools are unstable, slow and buggy. But rclone is perfect.


biotech you are sure? :slight_smile: it sounds like you have a big collection with 3 pb adult movies not bad! :slight_smile:
I also have to thank you very much, rclone is the best there is. no other application provides this performance and functionality i hope there will be support for this for many years to come.

That is amazing - thanks for the report :smiley:

I love hearing about how rclone has helped people it makes it all worthwhile!

a big THANK YOU from me as well.

I have used the qnap tools before until i noticed rclone. The qnap tools have been very unreliable und unstable, Now i use rclone for a lot of things and it just works. Rclone is so important for me. Keep up the good work!

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