Jottacloud report plans and space on web as Terabytes instead of Tebibytes

I just noticed that Jottacloud seems to be reporting its quotas on its website in Terabytes as a power of 10, so its 10TB is actually 10,000,000,000,000 bytes, as opposed to Tebibytes. Rclone about gives me 9.095 TiB for my account.

OneDrive use Tebibytes throughout so when you buy 1TB you get 1.005TiB as reported by rclone.

PCloud does the same as OneDrive. Not sure about other cloud providers, but this leaves Jottacloud as a bit of an outlier in using slightly misleading figures.

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What is strange then, is that on a free test account I have, for which Jottacloud says 5 GB storage, but I have gotten 2 GB extra at some point, it is reported like this:

$ rclone about jotta:
Total:   7 GiB
$ rclone about jotta: --full
Total:   7516192768

On the web panel I see this:

But rclone tells me this:

Total:   9.095 TiB

And with --full, this:

Total:   10000000000000

On Jottacloud web it reports my account size as 7.5 GB