JottaCloud 2FA?

Does rclone support JottaCloud with 2FA (two factor authentication) enabled`?
JottaCloud Guide to two-factor authentication

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Doesn't seem so. I'd suggest to open a request / enhancement on github.

As far as I know, rclone doesn't support 2FA for remotes. I'm attempting to see if I can use the jotta cli tool to create an API key or something...that might help?

If it's any solace, I can't even get the beta jotta-cli tool to let me log in with 2FA enabled — it keeps saying my code is incorrect...

I can't figure out if it's because I ran it in a sandboxed browser (it shouldn't be) or because of something else. Maybe you'll have better luck than me if you try appending the OTP to your password (I know the trick sometimes works). So when rclone prompts for your password, put in your password and the OTP (without any spaces in between) and see if that works.

[edit] Whoops, didn't realize this had already been solved supposedly?

Give it a go... Jotta seem to have changed their login several times since then so if it doesn't work please make a new issue on github.

How please how? :smiley:
I've tried nothing and it didn't work.

Jokes aside, i really did try everything i could think off and read the documentation.

Doing the rclone config, selecting jottacloud, typing in username and password im getting a http error 400.

Failed to get oauth token: HTTP error 400 (400 Bad Request) returned body: "{"error":"invalid_client_or_otp_missing_or_wrong","error_description":"Client authentication failed (e.g., unknown client, no client authentication included, unsupported authentication method, or the resource owner has enabled OTP and the otp code is not supplied in the password grant request or the supplied otp code is wrong)."}"

Edit: Did some more digging and read the actual source code. It does indeed not support the authentication method i had chosen, - 2FA with App instead of SMS.
Hopefully this will be fixed in a next version.

Can you make an issue about this? I don't think it is on the roadmap at the moment.

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