I've wrote a backend for Baidu cloud (pan.baidu.com)

I've wrote a backend for Baidu Personal Cloud Storage (pan.baidu.com).
But I haven't supported Object.Open()

  • I am currently too lazy to implement this function.
  • And I am worried that supporting download will increase the possibility of Baidu blocking this API, they haven't open personal cloud storage API. A few days ago, a man who developed a software which cracks Baidu cloud download speed limit, has been arrested by Chinese government, it's ridiculous.

If you think it's OK, I can pick an icon and write docs, but it seems that nothing to test.

None of the integration tests will work unless you can download and upload objects :frowning:

It seems like the author of https://github.com/iikira/BaiduPCS-Go would be the one to get into trouble?

Is it possible for me to get a Baidu Pan account from the UK?

All right, it's up to you.

It's not iikira, that man haven't open the source code.
I just tried to open pan.baidu.com with VPN and Accept-Langage: en, but the language on the page was still Chinese, and it didn't accept US phone number format.

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I'll try signing up to baidu pan at some point using Google translate...

Thank you very much.
But I'm afraid that I really won't to implement Object.Open(). https://github.com/iikira/BaiduPCS-Go has been set up as a private repository, it means that form becomes grim...
If you think no download is unacceptable, just ignore it.

:frowning: Do you think they've been put under pressure from Baidu Pan?

You can arrange for your code to run as a plugin for rclone if you want...


Are plugins not included in the repository? If so, I think backend is much better.
Don’t merge, right? It's OK.

I was thinking a plugin might be a good idea while it is in development.

All right, but since it is only in my repository, so be it.
And you don't have to sign in Baidu anymore.

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