I've made a nice backup script tutorial for rclone


When I wrote my rclone backup script, I didn’t find many example rclone scripts.
So I thought somebody else could use the script, or modify it to their own needs.

I use the rclone script to backup my home PC to local and remote storage, and it really works well.
Find more information here: https://github.com/wolfv6/rclone_jobber

A few features:

  • Abort if job is already running (maybe previous run didn’t finish)
  • Pop-up for error conditions
  • Logging
  • Tutorial
  • Backup-job and restore-job examples

Any suggestions to improve on the script would be welcome.

Rclone was a pleasure to work with; the commands are nicely structured and the documentation is clear.
A big thank you to the writer of rclone.


Very nice :slight_smile: Do you want to add a link to it in the the rclone wiki - maybe in the 3rd party integrations section?


Thanks for the invite; I added a link to 3rd Party Integrations (after RcloneBrowser).


Hi wolfv, Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t aware of the --backup-dir option in rclone!

A couple of months ago I needed something similar and end up creating https://github.com/bcardiff/docker-rclone It was some features I usually like to see in a backup cron like time window and status check.

That docker image and others are listed in https://github.com/ncw/rclone/wiki/Docker-images .


You’re welcome. And thanks for pointing me to your backup script.
It inspired me to add range checks for null strings, empty source, and a cron monitoring service.

rclone_jobber version 1.1 is released.