Its possible to make...?

I was thinking about…

Is there any way to do something like this?

When you want to play some video…
The video starts to COPY to a local temp folder and the stream plays the local copy.

The temp file will be deleted after X time. And if you want to play again it will download again.

I say that because copying files they are really faster than streaming it, without buffer problems

Its possible to make an script or a config to do this?

+1 My thoughts exactly. Takes out latency issues to cloud providers.

This would be very useful. Not sure if there’s a feature request but you should make one.

I did such request a while ago but I think @ncw decided to try with some other solution before considering it.

Basically the idea was for rclone to buffer the whole file to local disk while you are playing it as users have far more bandwith then needed just to stream.

Wow! I didn’t see it. It would be a nice feature and I hope that it will be possible. I think that this could fix all the problems with continuous “buffering …”

I think ncw will test first with something similar to

More or less is the same proposal. You can just choose maxBuffer as bigger no?

The idea is to buffer more video that are you playing, with only one minute of “advantatge” could be enough

plenty of video players already do this - isn’t this where the buffer should be implemented not on the file system? (ie rclone). Kodi / VLC as examples can be configured to cache the whole video as quickly as possible and it works great.

I dont really agree since rclone is “file system” for clouds with that optimization in mind.
Even now rclone have quite few features for it, with that logic why have bwlimit since that should not be a part of file system but the app using it etc…

rclone is becoming a main stream tool for mounting clouds and as such its great to get optimize to behave as close as possible as local file system and having improved buffering is definitely the step in that direction.