It's possible to check ONLY with checksum?


I'm triyng to make a sync between two drives and there are some duplicates at 2nd drive but these duplicates have different checksum.

Is there any way to make a sync and it only checks the checksum to delete all the duplicates that doesn't match with the drive1?


ps. I tried with --checksum --ignore-size but doesn't work.

you might try this


There is a problem, I don't know exactly which checksum are the correct one (all the correct checksum are the files in drive1). So I prefer, if it's possible, a way con make a sync only with checksum compare and delete all dupes with different checksum.


You could do that with a bit of scripting.

you can use rclone md5sum to look at checksums

perhaps try using mounts and deupe tools designed for local drives.

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