It is time for a rclone page at wikipedia

it is time for someone to create a page at wikipedia.

whomever has been creating the great docs at, please consider creating a wikipedia page.

if i goto wikipedia and type rclone, i get a page about rsync :upside_down_face:

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thanks for great docs, for sure, it is improving all the time.

and for the wikipedia page, we should collect a list of web pages and podcasts that mention rclone.

here are two that i found

That would be fantastic!

Let me know if there is anything you would like help with.

I have lots of links to rclone related stuff, but I tweet most of them when I find them.

another mention of rclone

at 1:49:00

Finally had a go at this and dealt with concerns from editors the page should be removed - another uninteresting software brochure.

It is just a start for now but has its own tone. It was intended to be independent, notable and interesting, or as notable and interesting as command line software can be.

I am keeping track of the release changelog on Git so should be OK to update the version details, backends supported and command list on Wikipedia.

These days I don't do a lot of image manipulation and just grabbed a small screenshot so the logo I used is not transparent, but it is a start. A trimmed down shot of rclone ncdu might also look good but the remotes I have were not especially suitable.

I spent a little time trying to explain the inter-relationships between backends, remotes, paths, commands and subcommands. That I attempted anything approaching so technical would terrify those who know me. I was trying to find a generic command line in the documentation and struggled to do so. If it gets improved I would not be remotely upset - anyone can edit it.

Particulary, I struggled with the alias, crypt, (cache) and chunk backends which I have seen described as wrapping, encapsulating, layering, virtual or merely modifiers to other remotes. I settled with the term 'wrap' subject to changes anyone else might make. It is a hard concept to communicate. I tend to see the rclone.conf file as a series of rational rose entity boxes with arrows pointing up. That is not technically correct, I appreciate, and nor is it generally helpful but I do wonder if there is some sort of diagram that would be better than mere words.

The only developer I listed was @ncw. Are there other significant code contributors suitable to add?


i had forgotten all about this post.
nice to wake up this morning and see you did something about it.

  • there is a typo
    rlone sync

  • i would make it clear that rclone can be a front-end to media servers like plex; that plex can stream direct from cloud.

what, only one reference to --magic :upside_down_face:

i would not worry about alias, cache, and chunk backends.
but i would make mention of crypt

Can't see that one

Yes, good point - in summary section now. Not really my subject area but it could do with someone to do a section dedicated to that. I had been focused on hpc sites and hackers to make the thing notable enough for wikipedia..

I like the list. so kept alias and chunker for that but removed ref to old cache backend

Please do point out other areas for correction/improvement or dive straight in.

OK, got the typo - couldn't see for looking.

not sure if @Animosity022 writes code.

one of the key strengths of rclone is this active forum.
you might add a line of two about this forum and @Animosity022 is a large part of that.

I think you are right. Folks are getting answers about rclone - as well as tuition on scripting, services and containers. That contrasts substantially with most other support forums I have seen.

Will look at that tomorrow.

Developer names probably need to be realish rather than monikers. Apart from @ncw I don't really know who consistently contributes code. You and @Animosity022 certainly come up with some good answers and exhibit considerable tolerance.

Not really.

I'm a people person. I have people skills :slight_smile:

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yes, i learned that from @Animosity022.

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i am confused about this.
looks like there are two different pages?


The second one just links direct to a label (#cite_note-31) within the same page.

I presume wikipedia generate these cite links and labels automatically from the markdown references you put in. In page Labels have been part of html, at least since IE2.

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