Issues with plex playback using rclone

Morning, so i set up plexguide and mounted my gdrive and created gcache. Then found my movies and tv series in /unionfs and added files all was ok apart from taking a minute to play a movie or tv show. What am i doing wrong? Also this morning i woke up and found that my movies and tv series were in the /gdrive folder and not the /unionfs folder. any help appreciated I can post my rclone logs if that helps.

thank you


What’s your mount command that you are using?
Are you using -o sync_read with the unionfs mount?

The last item sounds like you have Radarr/Sonarr pointing at the wrong location.

Hi thanks for reply I havent downloaded anything using sonarr or radarr yet or set them up all I have done is uploaf my files from my home NAs to Gdrive on gsuite. I mounted gdrive and gcache using rclone I will post up my configs shortly thank you.