Issue with --allow-other in beta

there seems to be some issue with --allow-other in the latest beta. I have had to roll back to 1.52.2 and can now successfully see mounts that are being created using systemd. The exact same config breaks with the latest beta, the mounts are only visible by my root user.

I will have time tomorrow to paste logs and confg, but for now this should be easy to test to verify.

edit: I have applied beta and --allow-other is still working in this release. I will see which beta this breaks and update this post accordingly.

What os are you on?

Having the exact same issue - on Unraid using the beta releases so on 240

Main user can see and use all the files - all of my containers can't see the files

I am using Ubuntu 18.04

I've bisected this issue to this commit

I'll work on a fix now

OK that was a really stupid bug!

Fixed in this beta :slight_smile:

v1.52.2-255-gb2ae94de-beta on branch master (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

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Testing with new version

EDIT: Testing with new version - immediately fixed my issues

Thank you for the quick fix!

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