Is this possible with serve?

I would like to know if there is possible such scenario:
serve file with rclone serve http,
but in such way:

lets say file has 10GB
and this file will be streamed to watch online by random users over serve http link.

Now to make it optimized rclone will use cache.
so if one user is beginning to watch, rclone will download from 0 to for example 100mb to cache and serve this cache to user. When simultaneously other user will watch the same file, but from 45 minute, not from begining, rclone will use cache but will download chunk from lets say 800MB to 900MB, not downloading from 0-800, and serve this chunk to second user…and so on.,

How to do it?

That’s pretty much how it works, the cache workers will only download the range required rather than the whole file (in the cache block sizes specified).

That being said if you’re doing something like this wouldn’t it be a good idea to use emby or plex infront of it rather than just a http server?

thanks but rclone is downloading full file, i would like it to download only part, should i change vfs cache mode ?

What’s it currently set to? Full? Try writes.

--vfs-cache-mode full downloads the entire file before serving it which doesn’t work so well for big files. If you are using the cache backend then you can use --vfs-cache-mode writes or not specify it at all to turn off the vfs caching.

thanks, i thought, that if i am using command line parameters i dont have to use cache backend.
so i was wrong…