Is there anyway to let computer help us manage files in cloud?

If we have multiple cloud storages and knowing the maximum space we can upload to those cloud storages, and we know the size of our files, has someone created a program to let computer handles where to put our files into the cloud?

I wish I can just let the computer know my log in passwords of my mega drives, One drives, and google drives, then give a folder path to computer to let the computer figure out where to put those files base on the file size. Then on my local drive, I can just keep adding files into that folder. Unless the total file size of that folder exceed the total cloud storage size, I won't have any issue.

APIs from cloud providers also enable developers to create custom file management solutions.

With rclone you can achieve it using:

Yes, I have been looking into rclone union and mergerfs recently. Maybe you could help me understand this a bit better.

What I learned right now is rclone union can show everything as one remote drive when I read, but it does not support writing into it. For instance, if I want to make a backup for my 2TB local drive, I can use rclone to mount 100 mega cloud drive (free 20GB) and use rclone union to create a pool drive called MEGADRIVE. I will see everything together as one 2TB remote drive (20GB * 100 = 2TB), and all contents inside will be merge together as a unit. However, I cannot write into this MEGADRIVE because rclone does not automatically know which mega account has already use up all the quota for uploading or the limit of my storage. I have to transfer my files to each account (20GB), and use command like Quota Relevant Policies to check before I transfer.

Is this accurate?

I'm still looking into mergerfs to see if mergerfs can help me do this backup.

You need remote which supports rclone about. If MEGADRIVE does not have API to report usage then it wont work indeed.

Please note that it is (clearly) against MEGA's terms of service (see 17.5) to create multiple free accounts so you can get banned. And it is easy to detect that pattern of 100 accounts always logging in the exactly same time from same IP.

Oh thanks for telling me that. Saved me a lot of time testing it.

Sounds like it will be a violation of any cloud drive if I have like 100 of them log in at the same time haha...

Mega Term of service 17.5 says this:

  1. You must not, and will ensure that no users within a Business Account of which you are the administrator:
    17.5 open multiple free accounts;

It only applies to Business Account. Sounds like personal accounts are not limited.

Edit: personal "paid" account.