Is there anything I need to do before contributing to the source?

I found a pretty obvious typo in an errormessage, but I've literally never contributed to a foss project before. Do I have to do anything "in advance"?

I'd like to fix this myself, just so I learn how to contribute.



For a small typo, just dive in there and send a fix :slight_smile:

For bigger changes it is best to make an issue to discuss first.

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Error thrown by copy; "error reading source root directory: directory not found" on bad filename. So, not directory, file. Obvs I don't know yet if directories and files are handled separately.

Note that when you type remote:path_to_file rclone doesn't actually know whether path_to_file is a directory or a file and one of the first things it has to do is find out. If it isn't found it assumes that you were trying to find a directory - hence the error message!

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OK, will read code more tyvm

Can you suggest a starting point for reading code?

Thanks again


The best place to start is the CONTRIBUTING doc. This has lots of useful stuff in, but also has an overview of the code organisation.

Depending what you are interested in you could look at the source for fs/sync (the top level sync routine) or the source for one of the backends (eg backend/box).