Is there any way to use unionfs with multiple cloud drives into one merge point?

If I have 2 google drives and a dropbox, is there any way to use unionfs to merge them all into one drive?


You can merge them easily but what are you trying to accomplish? Do they all have the same content? The way unionfs works is if one fails, the mount fails so they won’t be working in a way as to provide redundancy if that is what you are looking for.

No I was just thinking out loud…

At present I have a gsuites for business account on my own company domain.

I have one user on there, and currently have about 20TB of data. While I believe its unlimited (the splash screen when it starts up tells you that it is) I thought I might reduce the risk and sign up for and pay for 5 users, giving me true unlimited.

I could then split my library across the 5 users at 4TB a user, which feels less heaty.

Then merge the 5 together into one big merged drive for plex or emby.

I also currently store my music in dropbox, so that would be nice too…

I’m assuming 5-6 mounted drives is going to be hard on RAM though?

Or just create a large gsuites team drive and still pay for the 5 users… Easier and better. Check git, there is a beta for team drives…

Sweet I’ll take a look at it

Just for reference to the team drive comment above:

A bit off topic, no?