Is there any way to "rename" all files to the new Encryption "obfuscate"?

I have some drives crytped as “standar” but the new filename system I think is better, is there a way to rename all files with the new pattern?


Well. You could script it.

  1. create a local crypt with the same keys as your current one but with fine name encryption on.
  2. list all files from standard remote and create a blank file in the new local remote so you duplicate the directory and structure file names
  3. use the new lsl command with the new crypt name matching parameter to list the standard name along with the crypted name.
  4. parse and script that list using the moveto rclone command to rename the files in the remote to crypted names.
  5. change the rclone config to turn on file name encryption so it will read new names.
  6. remove local remote and empty files.

Thanks a lot for your help, but I think that this is too diffcult for me :frowning:

How big is your data?

Approx. 15TB all of them crypt

What is your cloud provider? If it is Google Drive, you can do a server-side copy and that way it will take ‘time’ but not bandwidth for example.

I’m using amazon cloud drive.

I hope that @ncw could implement some “easy way” to change the file name encryption to the new obfuscate mode.

Ok. then your only option is to do a sync between the current remote and a new remote pointing to the same acd remote. This wont do a server side copy but will do it in memory on your local computer. So you will use bandwidth but not diskspace. The only other option is to script it. There are enhancement requests to support server side copy on amazon clouddrive which may have helped here.