Is there any way to mount crypt drive Windows?

I know that we have some apps to do that, NetDrive, ACDokan…

But I have some crypted folders and I want to know if there is any option to do that in Windows


as far as I know, no way to mount an encrypted remote in Windows and, of course, to see the files decrypted.

With Rclone browser or Rclone GUI you can browse your encrypted remote, but not mount.
Be carefoul: tese GUI are far from to be reliable.

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best way to do it make a vm with ftp then you can use a ftp mount in windows :smiley: works ok

Best way is to use rCloneBrowser.

Thanks to all for the replies :slight_smile:

I was using RCloneBrowser these days but I prefer something like NetDrive that allows to see the drive as local drive.


Try Bash on Ubuntu (Win10) and Samba File Server. I never try it, but possible that is it working.

Is there anyway this can be used on a headless (no GUI) Ubuntu server? Say, running as a web-frontend? Or any tools that will allow this?

Answering my own request: I see I can use the Browser from my Windows machine, and access my crypt from there. So I’m all good.

Some of guys thinking this idea:

But yes, the browser is good, but i would like to see in the future a web frontend my Ubuntu CLI server :slight_smile:

impossible - ubuntu on bash does not support fuse so no mount.

what Browser, what do you mean?

Yes, now i checked it…

and the Cygwin?

Sorry, let me explain my issue:

I use Plex on ACD
I have NZBget download and name all my Linux ISOs and then upload them to a crypted ACD.
Sometimes renamer craps the bed and incorrectly names something, it’ll get uploaded regardless.
I then have to come in and manually, fix those issues. This all happens on a Hetzner headless Linux box. So it’s a load of work on an SSH connection via rclone commands to rectify this.

I just found out about rclone Browser which will allow me from my Windows desktop to mount, very easily, I’ll add, that ACD crypt and manipulate the files/folders. Re-scan Plex and we are good.

I have found one issue with the above this morning however, I can’t seem to rename individual files in the crypt. This was something that was not supported in rclone, though it is now via moveto as I use on the SSH. I guess this has not been implemented on the Browser yet… Something I really need! Hopefully that will come soon.

If anyone knows a better way to achieve the above edits, then do let me know.


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I have the same issue. I want to rename everything in my crypt volume but I can’t find a easy way to do that.

Just install VirtualBox, install a little linux VM, mount rclone there, then share it to Windows via samba and mount as network drive.

I tried that but I can’t use filebot to work directly on it.

I get " File.Open failed: can’t open for read and write simultaneously" error.

However the file explorer do can use it fine but I fear third party applications cant

Well, that’s not possible with Linux either. You can’t open files for read/write like that to a cloud storage backend. All you can do is a simple sequential read or write.

I managed to make it work by using NetDrive and SFTP, however it’s not doing server-based renames.

I used it in a folder and it’s downloading everything and then uploading again. I can’t afford that with my ISP. I tried mapped as network drive & local drive.

Any ideias ? :confused:

This rename feature really needs to be implemented in Rclone Browser.
It should be pretty straightforward for the devs, using the new moveto or copyto commands.

I opened a request over on their GitHub.

Feel free to add some +1’s to it to see if they will add it. This feature will really make managing headless servers much easier!