Is there any technique for "traditional" public key crypto with crypt?

I recall seeing in the docs that crypt implements a private key system. Is there any approach currently available that will enable a traditional public key? IOW people could encrypt files on upload that only I could decrypt?

Thanks so much


Please provide reference where you saw it - documentation can be always made better. Maybe something is not clear or even erroneous.

No there is not.

Would be interesting feature to have but somebody would have to implement new crypt "advanced":slight_smile:

I can't find the docs reference rn. I'll look more later.

If it's there, it is in error.

Rclone's encryption is documented well in the crypt docs. It is symmetric using XSalsa20 with a Poly1305 authenticator.

I've been able to recreate most of it in Python as proof-of-concept. (I haven't gotten file names to work yet...)

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