Is there a way to search for Google-only files?

I'm trying to isolate any google-only type files (eg Sheets, Docs Slides Drawings Forms) on my Google Drive so I can manually back them up, issue is they are all scattered and buried in random files. I noticed when using rclone mount command, these file types show as .docx .xlsx .pptx etc, and when I search my whole drive for any files with those file extensions via using ext:extname on windows file explorer (because I don't think you can search for file extensions on the Google Drive website), it also comes up with legitimate Microsoft-type files, I'm wondering if rclone has a feature to search for these google-only files and tell me the location, or possibly change the file extension name to something like gdoc, gslides, gdraw etc to isolate those specific file types and not include the actual Microsoft files.

TL;DR, I'm trying to find out where all my google-file-type-only files are, excluding any microsoft-type-files which comes up via searching on win explorer using rclone mount command.

What you could do is get sorted listings of with and without google docs

rclone lsf drive: -R | sort > with-docs.txt
rclone lsf drive: -R --drive-skip-docs | sort > without-docs.txt

Then file the files which are only in the with-docs.txt file. Under unix you'd use the comm utility for this

comm -23 with-docs.txt without-docs.txt

The above commands are unix/macOS not windows - sorry! But if you are using windows hopefully it gives you an idea.