Is there a way to make rclone dump all server-side metadata?

I'm downloading files from a google drive folder and I want to save all the metadata that the drive API provides for each file/folder. Is there a way to just dump it all to json file(s). I know some of it is translated to the local filesystem's metadata, but not all of it, and not in its raw form.

Rclone doesn't fetch all the metadata - you specify which metadata you want when you do the query.

Which metadata in particular are you interested in?

If you want to see what rclone knows, then use rclone lsjson

Some of these flags may be useful too --hash --hash-type MD5 --metadata

  --hash                    Include hashes in the output (may take longer)
  --hash-type stringArray   Show only this hash type (may be repeated)

-M, --metadata Add metadata to the listing

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Basically gdrive (or whatever remote) specific metadata about permissions, file history and stuff like that. But looking at the output of lsjson, I understand that those things aren't something rclone can retrieve at the moment - it only retrieves stuff like last-modified date which can be translated into the local filesystem metadata. I guess then this is a feature request - "add option to dump all remote metadata"?


There is a lot of metadata on drive! Rclone has a metadata framework which is not implemented in drive - this would work for things like permissions but not something large like file history.

Yeah I think maybe what I'm looking for is more like a debug/advanced option, than a general metadata one. Just something to get as much data from a google drive folder as possible, as a backup.

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