is there a way to get rclone to keep the file permissions

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My source address is NFS shared, and my destination address is local

Customers hope that rclone should have the function of maintaining permissions, but I did not find such parameters. I use root to execute rclone, but file permissions become root and permissions become 644 (umask 022). Is there any way to maintain the original owner and permissions of files in the share, or at least to maintain the original permissions? Who has a good idea? Thank you.

rclone doesn't maintain permissions or ownership as it isn't a concept which maps to cloud storage.

if using rclone mount you can use these to set the permissions you want

  --dir-perms FileMode                     Directory permissions (default 0777)
  --file-perms FileMode                    File permissions (default 0666)

Note also

  --umask int                              Override the permission bits set by the filesystem.

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