Is there a way to also sync file description for Google Drive files?

I make a large use of the description for my files in in GoogleDrive but i discovered only now that files copied or synced through rClone lose this information. Usually the description is replaced with the filename (but not always).
I’m a bit new to rClone so i’m wondering if ther’s a function to also sync the File Description…

I made a GoogleApps Script to do this, once the transfer is complete, but i would prefer to not use it… It’s a bit slow and if rClone could do it automatically it would be better :slight_smile:

might be little hard as the description is not stored in the file meta its stored in google DB i could be wrong but this is how i think it works.

Sigh :sob:
Thx anyway :slight_smile:
I think i’ll have to keep using my script…

You can get the description via the API. What would you do with it though?

I save inside the description some tags or informations so it’s easier for me to find a specific file. For example if the file is a movie, i save the plot, actors, release date etc…