Is there a way not to upload until the file is fully downloaded?

Currently I'm using webdav and I encountered a very strange issue. I can upload local files with no problem but cannot upload any file from a remote (Failed to copy: Method Not Allowed: 405 Method Not Allowed). It looks like this is because the backend doesn't support stream upload. Therefore, I wonder if there is some way I can download each file first and upload afterwards?

Hi Michael,

Not sure, but I suggest you try this:

     --streaming-upload-cutoff SizeSuffix   Cutoff for switching to chunked upload if file size is unknown, upload starts after reaching cutoff or when file ends (default 100Ki)


A quick test would be to test if you can upload files smaller than 100Ki without adding the flag.

If you need more help, then please add all the information in the support template so we can better understand your situation.

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