Is there a single rclone command with a certain set of flags i can run that will copy and then cryptcheck?

for example I want to run rclone copy localpath\localfiles cachecrypt:localpath\localfiles
then I want to run rclone cryptcheck --one-way localpath\localfiles crypt:localpath\localfiles

now yes, this is VERY easy to just do myself with typing… but if the first command takes 20-200minutes it can be annoying to have to be physically present to run the followup command myself. now I know in theory this entire process isn’t really necessary but if I run into namespace issues I want to be warned about it, also if the cloud has a subtle error, I want to know about that.

These two commands back to back are what I run 99.9% of the time and so merging them would be very helpful to me.

Note that rclone copy effectively does a cryptcheck after it transfers each file now-a-days.

You could use good old unix command chaining

rclone copy localpath\localfiles cachecrypt:localpath\localfiles && clone cryptcheck --one-way localpath\localfiles crypt:localpath\localfiles

This will run the first command, then run the second command only if the first one completed sucessfully.

I thought rclone copy could only perform it’s automatic after each transfer step if it was:
rclone copy localpath\localfiles crypt:localpath\localfiles && clone cryptcheck --one-way localpath\localfiles crypt:localpath\localfiles

aka using the cache system breaks cryptcheck, and therefore also automatic cryptcheck.

am I incorrect about that? I wonder why I got that idea.

Also, smart thinking, I didn’t realize && only worked if the first command was successful, because another thing I wanted to avoid was if the first command had typos and never ran at all, I wouldn’t want the second command to run either. Sounds like && might do just want I wanted. I’m now happily using &&

I’m not sure about that! I think it should work and if it doesn’t it is a bug!

One of my faves for noodling around with the shell! You can also use || if the command didn’t execute sucessfully

rclone ... || echo "rclone failed - panic!"