Is there a setting I can enable to show my upload/download speed in MBytes/s instead of GBytes/s?

Question in title.

Does rclone automatically switch to GBytes/s for downloads/uploads above 10Gbit/s?

Guy sent me this: Transferred: 273.257G / 746.254 GBytes, 37%, 1432.153 MBytes/s, ETA 4m4s

And I've never seen MBytes/s for these kind of speeds.

Transferred:       20.117G / 888.725 GBytes, 2%, 1.060 GBytes/s, ETA 13m39s

Thats how it looks for me!

So my question is: Is that a setting I can change/enable in rclone?


--stats-unit string                    Show data rate in stats as either 'bits' or 'bytes'/s (default "bytes")
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