Is there a possibility to have more than one version of the backup?

Hi, first of all thanks for the wonderful project, really very good.

i use the following command rclone --config config.ini sync -v E:\ config:/name/ --log-file E:\support\rsync.log it works very well, but i was wondering if there is any flag that would make it possible to keep more than 1 version of the backup on the remote to stay on the remote ex: bkp1 bkp2 bkp3 (example only).


hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone can do forever forward incremental backups

rclone sync /home/user01/source remote:files/current --backup-dir=remote:files/archive/`date +%Y%m%d.%I%M%S` -vv


I understand you, but I wanted to know if I can automatically maintain a custom amount, eg 3 or 4 backups, to reduce space used on the remote.


each incremental backup is in its own subdir.
so would need to find a way to remove the old subdir or the files in the subdir

--- write a script .cmd/.ps/.sh
--- try rclone filters, something like --min-age

thank you so much.


--- the idea is that rclone is not a backup program, but with a bit of script, can get closer.

--- rclone works well with restic

--- another option might be to use rclone mount and then use that most any backup program.

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