Is Restic with an Rclone Encrypted remote a good idea?

I am talking about protecting against restic zero-days flaws in the encryption. Should I do this or is this a bad practice? I have already tried this and it seems to work, but I am not an expert on this.

My plan is to backup on the cloud but I do not want anyone using my data. Please note that these data are not anything that is interesting; just a bunch of family photos and Word docs. So I highly doubt that any sophisticated actor is after my files.

Using it like this adds a layer of complexity and I am not really sure if I can recover if something goes wrong somewhere.

Also, is this usually done or am I needlessly complicating things?

Thanks for the cool software.

FYI - I have been using something like this for many months + union and chunker remotes on top.

cloud(s) <-- rclone union <-- rclone crypt <-- rclone chunker <-- restic

It is a bit slower but nothing critical - I backup few TB of data. No problems.

Restic works very well with rclone thx to close integration provided by rclone serve restic.

IMO it is a bit over the top and I would have no issue using restic without any extra rclone crypt layer. But my experimental setup became now permanent so I leave it running.

Hello there! Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.

I am just considering the fact there are two separate software at play here. While I never had any issue in using them together, I prefer to be through regarding my data. I am aware that I am a bit paranoid.

I searched a bit, but it seems that not many people use this combination. So if an issue did arise, I do not have many resources to solve it. Add that to the fact that I am not very skilled at this, I am wondering if the risk is worth it. And as you say, this set up seems to be experimental and while it is working now, I would much rather go with a standard set up than risk an error.

Thanks again.

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