Is rclone using https protocol?

Just curious if rclone use some sort of encryption while doing a copy from server 1 to server 2?
Ex: if I download my backup from Google to my Synology NAS… will ISP see what data I transfer? Is a VPN needed ? :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

If it’s linux you can wireshark/tcpdump/iftop -P to see what it’s doing, but if it’s google I’d lean more toward it being encrypted with https.

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Most storage systems encrypt transfers, using either SSH or TLS (HTTPS is HTTP over TLS). Others are not encrypted, like FTP or HTTP. (If you use the HTTP storage mechanism, but specify an HTTPS URL, it will be HTTPS.)

You can use the crypt storage system to encrypt your files before they get transferred to a remote, so that they are encrypted at rest, too.

I am curious about this as well. To see if it would safer to use SFTP via LFTP from my server or if G-Suite --> home using rclone is encrypted and if so, what protocol.

All transfers to and from Google drive / G-Suite are encrypted with TLS (https). In my opinion that is about the same level of security (good) as using SFTP (via the ssh protocol).


@ncw, Thank you for that!