Is Rclone syncs one way?

I'm going to sync my NAS file to Google Team Drive as crypt.
I want Nas -> Teamdrive but don't want to sync Teamdrive -> Nas
It seems sync option is one way sync (Nas -> Teamdrive)
Is it right?

You are correct:

Sync the source to the destination, changing the destination only


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Sync is one way.

I am looking for beta testers of my two way sync tool, synceclone if you’re interested in trying it out and have a Mac or Linux. (Windows may or may not work. I haven’t tested it. I suspect it won’t work out of the box but can be made to work).

If you don’t want to use my tool, I also link to some alternatives at the bottom of the readme.

Two-way sync is much more complicated than one-way and there are lots of ways to do it; each with their own pros and cons. That’s why I wrote my own.

Good luck!

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