Is rclone mount stable alongside encryption?

I have several folders on my PC that I frequently used and I want them to be continuously synced. I want it to work even while I'm offline - similar to how OneDrive behaves when I'm offline.

Should I use rclone crypt on a local folder and then sync that using OneDrive (similar to Cryptomator)

Or can I just use rclone mount on a remote with rclone crypt linked directly to cloud storage.

(Additionally I use Round-Sync on android for both upload and download, I want the approach to be stable & efficient on it too)


I read somewhere on this forum that mounted rclone is not stable. Especially the uploads part, uploads fail frequently.

Stability is really important, if this is not a good idea then should I use cryptomator?

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that is not correct, the mount is very stable.

yes, that is what rclone is designed to do.

then could use rclone sync, not rclone mount

rclone mount does not work offline.

it is not supported. You have to manually run rclone sync or if you use other devices to modify your cloud storage rclone bisync

Thank you for the clarifications @kapitainsky and @asdffdsa, since mounting a remote directly connected to cloud storage won't work when I'm offline:

Does the following approach make sense?

  1. I'll assign my local OneDrive folder to a remote (1drv) and create an encrypted remote to it. (E1drv)
  2. I can mount the encrypted remote (E1drv) and read/write from it.
  3. OneDrive will of course keep my encrypted files continuously synced.

On RoundSync (Android) if I create a new encrypted remote to OneDrive with the same password as the one I chose for E1drv will rclone be able to decrypt properly?

I realise that at this point I'm just recreating Cryptomator in rclone - but Cryptomator's android app doesn't work properly for me, RoundSync does.

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