Is mount storage as public option available in rclone?


I'm wonder if i can mount cloud storage as a public local storage?


You can serve rclone many ways:

No idea what that screenshot is from though.

you want to have a rclone mount on your computer and share it over a lan to other users?

To be clearly, i tried to change apache server document root to mounted drive, but i failed to run apache server, i tried RaiDrive software and set option to local disk and public, then change my apache document root to my mounted drive then it success and run apache server on mounted document root!, i believe that it possible in rclone.

Thank you, I know this options but not as i want to do to host my webserver on my cloud storage.

rclone has host almost any app, i see no reason why apache would not work?

since you have not provided any useful information, we cannot help you yet.

Not sure what you mean by a public option then as to serve something, you'd make it public.

rclone serve http is a means for providing a http interface into your cloud and has nothing to do with hosting your webserver on cloud storage.

Okay guys, Its worked when I used rclone on linux by using this command:
rclone mount --allow-other gdrive: /root/g

and giving chmod for root folder and mnt folder. But i'm, still confused why this not worked on windows! i use --allow-other flag but no luck. Is there a way to mount cloud by rclone software on windows without using winfsp software? because if i didn't install winfsp then i can't mount storage on windows. or maybe i'm wrong?

  • --allow-other does nothing on windows.

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