Is it safe to sync an rclone.conf file between multiple devices?

I use rclone on a plethora of different devices and platforms on daily basis, for work and play. My rclone.conf file has a number of different remotes and crypts in it, some of which I use more on certain devices than others. The downside to this is the tokens for some of the remotes end up running out on certain devices if they aren't used regularly which can then be a pain if I need to move or backup some content at short notice from a less regularly used device. If I'm not paying attention backups fail due to this and leave me exposed to risk of data loss which I'm eager to try and avoid.

So my question is this; Is it safe to use something like syncthing on my various devices to keep all of the .conf files in line? If not is there an alternative method I can use to keep them all updated?

Yes it is safe (mostly) to copy the config files.

Some backends (eg box) don't like the refresh tokens being used more than once though so copying these remotes will lead to frustration.

What cloud storage providers are you using?

I do this with my main config. I keep it in my git repo of everything I need to set up a new machine. It is private so I do not mind the API tokens being in there.

I use OneDrive, amongst others, and the token is constantly changing which is annoying but not too bad.

One thing though: the way rclone saves updates or changes to the config is by writing a temp file and swapping it. This has the advantage of being atomic but means that if you use a symlink to the config, it'll break every time. So instead, what you need to do is symlink the parent directory instead of the file.

Alternatively, you could set RCLONE_CONFIG in your .bashrc for the path where you sync it. (I do the former but I am wondering if I should move to the latter)

At present, just Google and DropBox

I was planning to use Syncthing which would simply update the file each time a change is made on any of the copies

I think you'll be OK with these providers.

Thanks Nick, appreciated

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