Is it possible to use a mounted cloud drive to install programs on my pc and act like a harddrive?

So rclone and GDrive is mounted on my pc. Is there a way to use that "drive" like an actual HDD to install programs? Or no just because it would have a constant upload/download from google?

Edit: Using Windows 64bit

when you posted, you should have been asked for information, such as what operating system you are using?

Edited. Just Windows

then you are in luck,

i have a handy, dandy wiki about that

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Oh wow nice. But this seems like the exe must already be on the cloud service. This wont work when installing programs TO the cloud right? Example installing winrar to the cloud instead of my ssd

why not try and see what happens.

7-zip is open source and like rclone is a portable app, that does not need to be installed, just copied to a folder.

Will try. Winrar was just an example. Id install something bigger such as sony vegas or even a game from steam

i just installed winrar to a mount, runs fine.

as for other software, i demonstrated how to do it.

so why not try it for yourself?

Oh yeah ill try it for sure. Just asking just in case :slight_smile:

sure, let us know what happens.

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