Is it possible to sync files with "move"

Sometimes just a rename or some move action changes the folder structure results in a total transfer of local files under sync command
Is there a existing way to find the moved files and move them to new location on the remote avoiding the unnecessary transfer?
Maybe it can be a feature though get the whole list of file hash on remote might be time-consuming.

each backend is different,
sometimes you can log into the website and do a rename of a bucket/folder.
i use wasabi, a s3 rclone, and i can rename a bucket without triggering a server-side-move

If the source and remote have a common hash and the remote supports server-side copy or server-side move, then you can add --track-renames to the sync command to do renames on the remote, instead of needing to upload it again.

--track-renames documentation:

Remote system features:


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