Is it possible to run sync WITHOUT deleting remote files?

Hi, all,

I am running rclone sync to google drive as follows:
rclone -v sync /local/sync/ remote:sync/

Is it possible to run sync WITHOUT deleting remote files?
e.g. /local/sync/ has file1, file2
remote:sync/ has file3
In remote:sync/ directory, there are some files not existent in /local/sync/.
I would like to sync the file change of file1 & file2 only, and keep file3 at remote.

It seems rclone always delete the files not found in local during the sync.
My rclone version is 1.35.

Why not just use rclone copy instead?

Quite certain if I understand your question correctly that it will do just that.

Because sync happens server side while copy will download / upload

Hmm, that’s not entirely true. According to your OP, you’re trying to sync from a local folder to a remote folder:

rclone -v sync /local/sync/ remote:sync/

Also, not all cloud providers support server-side operations, check the Optional Features table on this page:

Google for instance can support server-side copy/move, Amazon cannot (and thus every operation, copy, move, sync will require download and re-upload).

But again, your example you provide is not server to server. If you do a copy operation it will not erase file3. and as you can see from the table, Google does support server-side copy.

Oh I missed that op was going local to cloud but I routinely use sync for server side with google however I can not get server side copy to work thought maybe that was their problem

OP stokkes is correct copy is what you want