Is it Possible to hide the unencrypted mirrors

Hi my friends are having a problem with unencrypted mirrors displaying in rclone , they are named the same but they just contain Gibberish. Sorry that im don't know much about this topic as im still learning but this is baffling us


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for a given file/dir, rclone encrypts the name and contents.
the only way to see the original names is to use the rclone remote that created the dirs/files.

rclone lsd onedrivevb:crypt01 
          -1 2022-02-06 11:12:05         1 29to8cv750mh9vqcc90hkn3jko
          -1 2022-10-22 18:45:25         2 njgmjbaqpl39ces3m9skd1n5es
          -1 2021-03-12 17:28:48         1 rcm8669o5jvmb5sq8ilp9jp5h8
          -1 2022-07-02 19:23:57         3 tg8p2dq0tgcru69lqnjunhgjdg
          -1 2021-11-11 12:41:27         2 vg0gabaveej07761bcju8f1md8

rclone lsf onedrivevb_crypt01: --format=pe 

Yes we did that but the 2 mirrors are now showing in the remotes section. I only want to display the 1 mirror


the Do not use one shows the garbage text

what is that, rclone browser?

if you do not want that DoNotUse - 3DPMN, the create a new config file without that remote.
and use that config file with whomever or whatever you want.


or just tell whomever not to click on DoNotUse - 3DPMN

when i delete that from the config the other mirror becomes empty

i cant take them off the config completely because the crypt mirrors point to those

Sorry new to all this what do u need me to do ?

as far as i know, no way to do what you want using rclone browser

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