Is it possible to encrpyt filenames only?

I used rclone to encrypt all my files on my ACD. However I didn’t choose to encrypt the filenames. Is it possible to encrypt now only the filenames, without having to re-encrypt all the files?

So basically just rename with encryption ?
Keep in mind that it wont protect your files if/when cloud provider runs hash check and bans account (or remove files) that are having illegal content.

I have already encrypt the files. Only the names are unencrypted.

I dont think its possible atm, you would need to change your crypt config as well if ncw can make file rename possible.

Choose a number from below, or type in your own value
1 / Don’t encrypt the file names. Adds a “.bin” extension only.
\ “off”
2 / Encrypt the filenames see the docs for the details.
\ “standard”

If I rename the names by myself to some gibberish, will this corrupt the encryption, or would I still be able to access the files from rclone?

Do you know if Amazon blocks any content just by only matching the filenames with pirated content?
I’m asking because I have some pirated movies and I’ve only encrypt the files, not the filenames.

Its not likely as when providers do ban they dont “look into your files” but they run hash check for illegal content and ban based on that. Since your files are encrypted hash wont match, but then again in the long run it would be better if you encrypt names as well.

Just get cheap Scaleway VPS for 3€ month and run it there eg reencrypt your current ones on new drive.

On my server ( not scaleway one) it took me 16 days for 40TB library.

You mean encrypt them again from the mounted decrypted directory?


Yes just make new crypt remote pointed to your remote:/encrypted and use rclone copy from currentremote: to newremote:

As for renaming it wont work if you rename directly encrypted files.

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