Is it possible to download in Microsoft Office and PDF format at the same time?

I have tried to download a remote in both Microsoft Office and PDF formats at the same time in a single command line.

Is this possible?

I used the following command:

rclone copy 'remote': '/local/path/' --progress --drive-skip-dangling-shortcuts --drive-export-formats pdf,docx,xlsx,pptx,svg

Nope you can not. Do it in two steps.

How do you recommend I do it?
Would the following be an option? Or would it give problems?

rclone copy 'remote': '/local/path/' --progress --drive-skip-dangling-shortcuts

rclone copy 'remote': '/local/path/' --progress --drive-skip-dangling-shortcuts --drive-export-formats pdf

I think the best is to try? For testing you can always use --dry-run flag.

Ok, I'll give it a try, I'll leave the post open for a few days in case someone has an alternative or has tried something that works, thanks!

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