Is it possible to do something like rsync --append?

I am a new user and maybe asking a silly question, and I really do not hate puppies :slight_smile:

I have searched the forum a little but without luck (some copyappend thread)

I would like to user rclone to "something" that allow either sftp and ssh+rsync (hetzner storagebox, BTW)

The problem does not lie in the use of rclone (which is why I did not follow the strict instructions with long "spiegone") but in the equivalent of rsync's switch --append

rsync --append (...) /something

I normally just use ssh+rsync --append (Windows to *nix server) BUT rclone is much more convenient

Is it possible with rclone?

Thanks for any replies

No, doesn't exist in rclone.

A few requests for resuming uploads, but nothing I'm aware of currently.

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Most cloud storage providers don't support modifying objects once they are are uploaded - you have to upload a new one - that is why rclone doesn't support --append.

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Unfortunately, it is a behaviour that renders my little antiransomware software (with rclone) essentially unusable

Not sure what problem you are having, but this flag helps uploading logs that keep changing

  --local-no-check-updated        Don't check to see if the files change during upload

The problem is long to explain, it concerns Windows, ssh on cygwin from old versions with old protocols, and compatibility with hetzer and mandatory sha2
(it is not at all trivial to make an ssh+rsync device work in a portable manner on Windows, if the target system requires a protocol that is supported by the latest OpenSSH versions)

The short version is: given a local pippo file of say bytes, and a remote pippo of bytes (an earlier version), I want to send just the last 500 bytes of local pippo, adding them to the remote pippo, becoming (after), just like the local
Exactly rsync --append

Using a fork of zpaq, I can easily make backups of servers and virtual machines with VDSL connections of a few MB/s, exploiting the feature that the generated files are always in append (on *nix machines I also use the relevant operating system flag)

One thing you could try is restic - this can use rclone as a backend, but I think it speaks sftp natively and is supported by hetzner.

I am opening a ticket to try to downgrade the key exchange (of course 0% expected success)

have you tried using WSL? supports ssh, rsync and rclone works fine with storagebox

and restic on windows, over sftp to storagebox works fine.

Sadly no
Cannot use wls, need something lighter and fully portable
Sftp, afaik, does not --append

just an idea, something i do.

instead of direct to storagebox, rent a cheap hetzner vm and use that as a middle man.
the vm can run whatever linux os + whatever version of ssh server.

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The storagebox should be used as the cheapest antiransomware backup

In fact I use, from years, full OVH servers and sometimes cheap contabo VPSs too

Maybe I'll try as backup_of_backup

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