Is it possible to combine multiple remotes into one and duplicate the uploaded file to both remotes

I currently have multiple Cloud storage providers and would like to upload all files to both as a redundancy. Is it possible to do this with rclone natively? I was thinking to use RClone's Union function but that seems to upload the files to one of the remotes and make all uploads look like they are contained in one remote. But what I'm trying to achieve is to create a "remote" which will upload files into all of the specified remotes and show these duplicates across remotes as one in a combined "remote"

Rclone can sync multiple cloud storage backends and then combine them with union into a mount. Is there any particular reason you want to do that rather than just syncing the two cloud storage backends and mounting one of them?

@Edward_Barker, I guess sync would work too but I saw in an FAQ somewhere that Rclone sync downloads and reuploads the file. So if I'm not mistaken, this seems pretty inefficient to upload a file to remote1, have it download the file again from remote1 and then upload it to remote2 (esp when you're working with 100GB container files). I was wondering if there's a native feature of Rclone to always duplicate files into two remotes.

You can do this with the union backend I believe with the create action policy all

The union backend could do with some more examples I think!

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Ah, I see it now, I was confused on the policies descriptions but I think I understand it now. The all union policy seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Thank you :smile:!

Hopefully that will work :crossed_fingers:

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