Is it possible crypt and no crypt at the same ACD?


I have one account of ACD and it isnt crypt.

Its possible to make a crypt folder in the same account? Maybe As adding a New crypt remote choosing one folder of the drive?

And, its possible to mount two different drives?

Mount ACD:/Kodi/ at /root/Kodi
Mount ACDcrypt:/ at /root/secret



Both is possible… and I do have that myself (until everything is finally fully encrypted).

I currently have in my ACD:

Plex /Movies

My encrypted remote is set to the ‘Plex’ folder.

You can mount your unencrypted ACD remote and you will see all folders (even the encrypted hash folders); but it would not be able to read anything except the unencrypted folders

your second encrypted mount would only show folders that it can decrypt. This is mounted to your /root/secret/ location.

Thanks a lot!!

i will try today. But I had fear to create the crypt drive and delete everything or something similar…

Another question… is any option to crypt only files and file names but NOT directories names?


Yes. When you create your crypt remote it asks you if you want folder names to be encrypted or just the files themselves.

It details the config setup and more here:

Im copying all right now :slight_smile:

Im using this line, you think is there any better option to use? (I’m making from my own computer)

rclone sync ACD:Kodi/ eACD:Kodi/ --checkers 4 --transfers 2 --checksum -vv