Is it no longer possible to create my own client_id for Google Drive?

The instructions still say that i should create my own client_id but reading the v1.59 release notes it seems like it's no longer supported. Is this the case? Should i keep using the one provided with rclone or am i missing something? I have tried to create my own client_id by following the instructions here but i can't get it to work. When i paste in my own client_id during rclone config the authorization link leads to a page that says something like "Error 400: This app isnt following something standards". I'm on v1.59.


the latest stable is v1.58.0, best to use that.

as a test, i just followed the instructions, worked for me.

need to provide the exact details

again, need to provide the exact details

please copy/paste the text and screen snippet of the issue.

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