Is Google enforcing Limits on Workspace Enterprise?

New Workspace Enterprise Standard User here, still in trial .

It seems that google is enforcing the 5TB Limit now...

I was able to upload 6.3 TB to Gdrive , but now i get this error : googleapi: Error 403: The user's Drive storage quota has been exceeded., storageQuotaExceeded

Can anyone confirm or does someone know if there is a workaround?

Depends on whatever plan you have. Details here: Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite): Pricing Plans
On my own Google account, it's true. 2 TB storage limit per user for "Google Workspace Business Standard" and unlimited storage for Enterprise Plus

Update: I didn't realise I was comparing apples to oranges. Google Workspace Enterprise Standard offers unlimited storage. Which is odd if you're having this issue.
Another reason could be due upload limits. More info here: Upload files to Google Drive - Google Workspace Admin Help.

I have Enterprise Standard.

Also i dont ran into upload Limits.
I use Service Accounts, which worked until yesterday. Since then i cannot upload anything , not with service accounts, not with my account.

I requested more storage from google support, but they said it takes up to 8 weeks until google decides if i get more or not..

Still work for me... at this moment. (Enterprise Standard)