Is google drive upload speed dead for anyone else this morning?

Is google drive upload speed dead for anyone else this morning?

I'll mention that google's own speedtest says I have no upload speed, but my ISP and 3rd party speedtests say my upload speed is fine.

A) my internet went out earlier today for a short period of time and something is physically wrong in my city

B) google drive has a new style of shadowban that not only limits googledrive upload speed to about 5kb/sec but also ALL traffic to google which makes using gmail or googledocs virtually impossible as well.

C) Something I cannot account for.

If no one else is having any trouble today though, I'll assume it's A) and rest easily that the problem will vanish tomorrow.

I would bet my house Google doesn't limit your speed as it's most likely an ISP or local peering issue and there's not much else you can do than hit up your ISP or just wait it out.

Yup i guess google drive upload is having some problems. Upload in onedrive works fine

okay so this does NOT ADD UP. I unplugged my ethernet cable, going off wifi, magically fixed.

conclusion? ethernet cable or ports are bad/dead? BUT I tested them by performing home networking tests. So, ethernet cable LAN usage, 1gbit/sec works fine.

ethernet internet usage 0upload speed to internet. wifi internet usage, flawless.

feels like it must be a setting then that's my fault (while my internet was down I tried to use bluetooth hotspotting off my phone, but as far as I know every option I turned on for that was promptly turned off when I realized that idea was stupid.)

either way feel free to delete this thread as it's no longer google drive or rclone related.

same issue here :wave:

works fine before today.

No issues here. Just uploaded 22 GB at 95 MB/s. This is from Quebec, Canada, if it makes any difference.

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