Is Gdrive supporting server side copy?

Now ACD is dead for us, I will make a copy of my Gdrive to another Gdrive,

Is it supporting server side copy?

Something to take care copying 18Tb?


Not to my knowledge, but you can use the $300 Google Compute trial.

I’m getting some decent speeds between Google -> Google (Crypt) on a 8 cpu 32GB mem:

2017/05/20 07:09:22 INFO :
Transferred: 2999.017 GBytes (643.626 MBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 20
Transferred: 2567
Elapsed time: 1h19m31.3s

THANKS a lot for this :slight_smile:
Iwill use it for this :smiley:

How many --transfers you set to get this speed? :smiley:
I use 25 and I get around 400Mbytes/S

I’m using 16 transfers, no traverse, 256MB chucks

Is really needed no traverse? I dont understand what it do exactly :S

@ncw might know the answear. Not 100% sure myself.

Currently running crypt to uncrypt which is a little slower:

Transferred: 6408.653 GBytes (536.913 MBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 37
Transferred: 5192
Elapsed time: 3h23m42.5s

thats sounds great, I transfered 800Gb and the vps stops :frowning:

Did you use a low mem one? At 16x 256MB transfers I’m at around 10GB memory usage.

I used 32GB ram, 16 transfers 256M chunk but when I transfered 1Tb it says that reach limit of billing.

That’s strange upload to google services should be free. I’m prob at around 30-40tb uploaded so far. No issues.

Im thinking that is possible for use a 0€ card, and maybe they try to check if the card it’s valid and cancel dthe account… maybe can be this?

Yes that might be it, I used my normal mastercard to register.

I will try it with one normal, Im copying my account to another 2 gdrive unlimited and transfering from my computer can be eternal haha

Just be aware that there is a 10TB per day max download limit from one account. Go beyond that in a 24 hour period and your account t will get a 24 hour ban.

So if you have more than 10TBs to transfer set --bwlimit=100M

FYI, bwlimit=116M gives 10TB/day.

Thanks both for the help :slight_smile:

I have 16Tb so I will stop Today when it arrives at 9 for example and continue tomorrow :slight_smile:

Good to know, I been moving stuff back and forth between a few accounts. Got 403 on most of them without knowing why.