Is CHUNKER still BETA or has it been throughly tested?

Id like to use chunker on dropbox for files over 500GB however is see that its still marked as BETA. I've been tracking it being BETA for quite a while now.

Is it truly still in BETA/Unstable? I guess im asking, how stable and trustworthy is it haha

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for asking - but won't this apply to abuse of the different storage providers?

I thought that Rclone was against this?

As I see this "Chunker" that could be a tool to abuse upload quote for i.e Google - Or am I missing something here? Maybe im so wrong - but just a thought.

hi, that is a good question.
for example, i had an issue with this,
i alerted the rclone overloads, they looked at it and the topic is still in the forum.

    "promote or advertise products or services other than your own without appropriate authorization;"
    "sell the Services unless specifically authorized to do so;"

however, in the issue of this topic, does not seem to be a form of abuse.
for example,
given that dropbox offers unlimited space for certain accounts, how can chunker be a tool for abuse?

and if i have an limited account with 5TiB, i can fill that space as i choose.
as long as i am not uploading copyrighted files or banned/illegal content as per dropbox TOS.

Not that I can tell.

Missing something. If you have a 1GB file, it breaks it into chunks so you upload the same. Has nothing to do with the limits.

Thanks :slight_smile: for info . I was wrong :slight_smile:

Happy New Year

Chunker is thoroughly tested by a lot of users.
The reason it's marked as BETA is it misses some features (e.g. garbage collector for stale chunks) so we expect incompatible changes in the internal chunk format.

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