Is chunker remote still concidered BETA?

I am planning to use chunker remote extensively not just to chunk but also to force sha1 support on all remotes I use.

My testing so far shows that all works as expected but what worries me is that chunker documentation still shows scary beta status:


Is it still really in beta and not finished? Or it is only documentation not being kept up to date?

It would be good to hear opinion straight from the horse's mouth.

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There are only 5 open issues about chunker and they all look like feature requests so from that point of view chunker is doing well!

Unfortunately our chunker maintainer has had to leave the rclone project (he may be back later, I don't know) so those features are unlikely to be implemented any time soon.

Chunker is very well tested and integration tested so is unlikely to destroy your data.

I'd say test on a subset of your data and see how you get on.

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Thank you for the link to open chunker issues. Definitely beta then still...

Server-Side move is not possible with Chunker-Crypt-Remote bug is a problem. I was planning to use it (among other things) as destination for restic backup - and they do moves I think to get atomic transactions. Oh well... nothing is perfect:)

I wouldn't have thought you'd need chunker with restic as restic itself makes the chunks quite small doesn't it?

Yes - but I would use it to have consistent hashes (sha1all).

Anyway did few tests - moving files in chunker (though it worked server-side) can actually lead to data lose. Move is not atomic - if there is any network problem (or in my case some gdrive transactions quota problem) some files are moved, some just gone. It is only testing so it is ok.

It works perfectly to store files - but anything more complex quickly enters wild west territory.

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