Is check redundant with copy?

I set up a script to copy files from a remote server. To be safe, I set the script to perform a check on any downloaded files after the download.

The problem is that check takes about as long as the original download did.

I had a few connection problems during the copy operation, yet the check found no errors. So that leads me to wonder if I could remove the check, so long as the copy returns $? = 0?

This is what my check operation looks like:

rclone check --include-from "$LOGFOLDER"/Current.txt "$REMOTE" "$DEST" --differ "$LOGFOLDER"/Differ.txt --missing-on-dst "$LOGFOLDER"/Missing.txt --one-way

hello and welcome to the forum,

you should be safe. tho the exact details, it depends on the storage provider for each remote.

--- after rclone copies a file, it tries to compare the source and dest using hashes, usually MD5.
--- rclone transfers a file as a series of chunks. for each chunk transferred, there is a checksum.

when rclone has an error, rclone will retry a few times. so a single error is not fatal.
for more details, fill out the help and support template, including debug log file.

perhaps run rclone check on a schedule, once a week.

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